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  • Includes every Track and Rider from the 2015 Official MXGP Championship, including Glen Helen and the new American Tracks
  • For the first time in an MXGP game, players will now have the chance to ride in 2 brand new indoor stadiums
  • Players will have unprecedented levels of customization. Not just on how their rider looks or their team name, but they’ll be able to customize every part of their bike: suspension, liveries, brakes, handles etc… After having built a bike, players will then be able to test themselves on the test track and gauge how well the new components will work in a live race!
  • For the first time ever in a Motocross videogame, MXoN (Motocross of Nations) will be available as a separate game mode and players will be able to race against the best riders the world has to offer!


Live the high-octane world of MXGP, featuring the official license, motorbikes, roster and tracks of the 2015 MXGP Championship season. Whether you’re racing to the top of the standings, experiencing the thrill of MXoN or showing your worth on four spectacular indoor tracks, the ride of your life awaits.

Don’t forget to create your own team and rider for that added element of personal glory, and enhance the performance of your bike with countless accessories from the biggest brands in motocross.

12 reviews
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